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    Present: Bogan (muted), Heiko
    Comments: Sascha, Adolfo, Roman, Mike, Stuart
     * The Gallery popup option "Insert as Background" should appear
       only in Writer
       + fix it for Draw/Impress or remove completely
       => remove
     * Horizontal Ruler Comments button issue if in Zoom Factor Optimal
       or Fit Width
       + relying on this button makes no sense, eradicate it (Sascha)
         + requires a solution anyway (Adolfo)
       + View > Comments toggles the comments pane visibility
         and adjusts the optimal zoom accordingly (Heiko)
       + optimal means to hide the pane when collapsed
       => resolve WF
     * Writer: No "Settings" or "Advanced" button in a "Insert footnote"
       dialog window
       + agree (Roman)
       + rather introduce resp. refer to different footnote style (Dave)
         + reasonable argument but too many design variants clutter the
           list of styles; and more relevant not all foot/endnote options
           are paragraph style attributes (Heiko)
       + having a shortcut to the configuration dialog makes sense (Mike)
       => do it
     * [ACCESSIBILITY] Copy object caption contents to object name,
       alt and description
       + makes sense in particular for a11y request in bug 39558 (Stuart)
       + name is not random and used in the Navigator, description is
         meant for sources or similar additional information (Heiko)
       + for the alternative text it improves a11y but implementation
         should consider to not change existing text
       => do it
     * Paste Special Comments and Text conflict
       + workaround to add-paste comment only could be to use the
         add option (Heiko)
         + not intuitive (John)
       + paste special /formats and /objects (anchored to cell) only
         does exactly what is requested and makes the content bold,
         for example, while numbers and comment remains intact
       + same happens the other way around and when pasting numbers only
         into a cell with formatting or attached object those stay alive
       => treat comments as formula or objects and keep cell content