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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Sascha, Regina, Tomaz
     * FEATURE REQUEST: Allow setting Icon color separate from Line color
       + "Symbol color" would be relevant for only one out of four options
       + symbols' color is aligned to the line color
       + sure an improvement but only for lesser needs a.k.a. impact minor (Sascha)
       + renaming the feature makes sense (Adolfo)
       + depends on whether this attribute is defined in the format and
         if other formats/applications allow changing the color; in this case
         we need it for proper round-trips
       + ODF1.2: "The fill attributes of the series and data points specify
         how the symbols are filled. By default the symbols are filled solid
         with the same color as the connecting line. In case no line color
         is given but a fill color, the line uses the fill color."
       => keep open and verify WF
     * Line thickness specification - too many choices, nonintuitive
       + change to 0.5/0.75/2/4/5 pt?
       + hairline with actual 0pt resp. 1 device pixel is required (Regina, Tomaz)
       + MSO2016 does ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 1½, 2¼, 3, 4½, 6pt
       => suggest 0.05 (very thin), 0.5 (thin), 1.5 (medium), 2.25 (thick),
          4.5pt (extra thick)
     * Default table border width is useless
       + "Default" TS (applied per toolbar) uses 0.5pt, "None" (insert
         per menu) has 0.05pt
       => WFM
     * Writer table border styles offered are different in the toolbar button
       vs. Table Properties dialog
       + what is thin/thick in respect to the predefined border styles?
       + in my opinion the most important condition to change (Sascha)
       + unclear what the difference exactly are; the preview is hard to
         read and would benefit from labels
       + unclear if defined in the format
       => get more information from developers
     * Image position off when changing 'to paragraph' to 'to character'
       back 'to paragraph' and drag the anchor
       + "If you move the anchor from one paragraph to another paragraph, LO keeps
         the distance between anchor and image. If you drag the image, you can
         reduce or expand the distance between anchor and image." - is this
         the intended behavior? (Dieter)
       + anchors are a wild-card, 1000 other bugs needs more attention,
         keep it open (Sascha)
       => prefer to resolve as NAB