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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, AndreasH
     * Special characters: A favorite character is only added to recent,
       if you insert it from the special characters dialog
       + always add to recently used (and accept this list to become busy)
         or keep the current behavior?
       + no duplicating (Stuart)
       => resolve NAB
     * UI: Animation not arrange alphabetically
       + most often used "Appear" comes first, we should sort by
         last use, if at all (Heiko)
       + Sorting alphabetically makes no sense but; pseudo-sorting
         the most common on top (as today) is better; could also
         imagine a treeview (AndreasH)
       => resolve NAB; sorting is not an issue
     * UI: Add icons to the effect list (instead of text only)
       + barely possible on small icons and don't we have the preview anyway
       => no further input, resolving WF to keep the list items small
     * UI: Animation list, show all entry's by default. Add search &
       drop down to filter
       + adding an input field to search shrinks the screen real estate further
       => resolve WF but add splitter to shrink/grow the applied/available
       list (AI: Heiko)
     * UI: Sidebar Animation isn't that 'self-explaining' for adding a new animation
       + Problem a): NAB/WF b/c): larger buttons with labels?
       + no further input, agree on labelled buttons (Heiko)
       => keep and make easyhackable