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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: David, Sascha, Rafael
     * Sentence case not undone when cycling case
       + a) no sentence case formatting if there is no selection
       + b) select the whole sentence before applying case cycling
       + c) store each case format operation in the undo stack
         + WFM and should be the fact anyway
       + an automatic selection would be contra-productive because is force
         to adapt users to the behavior of the application (Sascha)
       + the ideal behavior would be as OP suggest, only change current word
         if no selection is done (Sascha)
       => cycle the word without selection
     * direct formatting of "character locale" cannot be cleared
       + have the choice of what is affected by clear DF
         or just purge everything with the alternative command
       + prefer an alternative command to clear all DF as it would be
         an endless subject of discussions of what or what not has
         to be cleared (Sascha)
       + better keep shortcuts simple without adding dialogs (Sascha)
       => w/o a complete list of attributes it makes no sense to
          ponder over a dialog; better hard-clean the formatting
     * Remove option "Word justify" from FontWork toolbar
       + blocks bug 144190
       => no further opinion, do it
     * _Left Align and _Right Align should be Align _Left and Align _Right
       => request from l10n, go ahead with renaming
     * Writer Navigator: Add a toggle button to Expand entries / Show only
       top-level items
       + introduce an action to collapse all? the opposite to expand all
         makes not much sense, so the function would be somehow half-cooked
       + prefer individual persistent toggles per category (David)
       + many other applications do similar and offer expend/collapse all
        for long lists (Sascha)
       + collapse on each root node; patch submitted by Jim and
         accepted by OP (Rafael)
       => submit