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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Sophie, Stuart, Dieter
     * Add some tip about install process to LibreOffice's
       macOS installer window
       + only when localizable (Sophie)
       + it should be expected from users to know how to manage software on
         their OS (Heiko)
       => WF
     * Enhancement: PLEASE revert location of RGB controls in Draw
       + some 'More' control at the sidebar (Stuart) or NAB/WF (Heiko)
       => no further input so do it as suggested
     * Improve to exit LO, if some other document has a popup opened
       => no further input; keep open
     * TEMPLATES: Improve confirmation dialog "Update styles /
       Keep Old Styles" dialog
       + change the label to "Keep Old Styles (and detach template)"
       works better (Dieter)
     * Dynamic QR / Barcode creation using spreadsheet cell reference
       + formula needs to be defined cross-application and the use case
         to generate many or variable QR codes is minor relevant; better
         run a macros for special cases (Heiko)
       => resolve WF