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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Roman, Regina, Stuart, Ilmari, Adolfo, Eike
     * Support for working with online CC0 photo gallery source images
       + do as extension or implement in source code? gsoc maybe?
       + out of scope (Roman)
       + linking to external sources is often doomed from the beginning (Cor)
       => moved to extension
       => created a META ticket for similar ideas tdf#145878
     * Create a "Duplicate sheet" option in LO Calc
       + (hidden) workflow per shift/ctrl+click (Regina)
       + solve by introducing a new function or via static label explaining
         the functionality (Heiko)
       + Move is necessary for large databases (Eike)
       + would introduce uno:DuplicateSheet (Cor)
       => do it; easyhackable
     * Cell reference are highlighted black when putting = into a cell
       and clicking a different cell
       + convenience feature if one can click another cell to overwrite
         but at the same time + to continue a formula
       + MS Excel does behave the same but does not show the selection
       + complaints are rare, behavior exists forever (Cor)
       + not showing the selection shouldn't hurt too much (Heiko)
       + difference to Excel is that we highlight only the last cell
         while Excel does all (with different color coding)
       + Excel highlighting is also not straight-forward (Cor)
       + lot of effort for not much benefit (Heiko)
       => WF
     * "Insert > Object > Bar Code..." menu should be "QR and Barcode..."
       + .uno:InsertQrCode ("Bar Code...") and .uno:EditQrCode "Edit Bar Code..."
       + Bar code is accepted too acc. Wikipedia (Ilmari)
       + inconsistency should be solved (Ming)
       + (Insert) "QR and Barcode..." (Stuart, Adolfo)
       => do it
     * Redesign of Start Center user interface
       + out of scope (Stuart)
       + do we want the start center to provide file management functionality
         such as copy, move, rename, delete or is it a list of recent files solely?
       + many user requests for file management besides this request
       + unclear four columns proposal, otherwise we should keep the
         start center simple
       + no use case to browse through all documents on a drive in all directories
         (in addition to the file manager)
       + showing more properties of a document might be interesting (eg last editor,
         number of pages, etc.) but not as a full size column; better go with
         a (lengthy) tooltip
       => resolve WF