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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Thomas, Stuart, Mike, Dieter, Gerhard, Eyal
     * Column width dialog doesn't allow setting width of all columns at once
       Columns tab of Table Properties dialog doesn't allow setting width of
       all columns to same value
       + the command Distribute Columns Evenly does the trick (Gerhard)
       + then have it at the dialog too (Eyal)
         + clutters the UI further (Heiko)
       + Adjust Column Width proportionally works well, after Adapt Table
         Width is checked for not full-size table, allowing to have 'remaining
         space'; unclear why the dialog should size proportionally as new
         tables are created accordingly (Heiko)
       => resolve WF
     * Column tab of Table Properties dialog is confusing and frustrating
       + help is sufficient (Gerhard)
       + many tickets around this topic (Heiko)
       => keep this ticket for the UI revamp task
     * Ability to forbid the use of direct formatting
       + idea has some benefits (Thomas)
       + per MUFFIN/Notebookbar (Stuart)
       + per template/extension (Heiko)
       + done via "Formatting (Styles)" toolbar (requires to manually
         disable the other toolbars (Heiko)
         + does not cover all UI elements incl. sidebar (Thomas)
       + implement UNO commands to modify style-level character and
         paragraph properties first (bug 107865) (Thomas)
       => no further input, removing needsUXEval keyword
     * add Comments field to Styles
       + good idea (Mike, Dieter)
       + recommend to show the comment eventually per tooltip at
         the Stylist; so the text should be short
       => do it
     * Improvement - PDF export defaults in Options/General
       + OP asks not for a particular option but rather all as default values
       + PDF documents are expected as different from each other, ie. one
         requires option A while the other needs B (Heiko)
       => resolve WF