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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Luke, Thomas, Caolan, Eyal, Justin, Rafael
     * When selecting text, automatically select entire word
       + once a full word has been selected moving the cursor should
         extend the whole word; useful when input is not precise (Luke)
       + very useful behavior (Thomas)
       + What should be the default behavior?
         + start with character, revert per character
       + Where should this setting be changeable?
         + no option here (at least not in the UI) (Heiko)
         + option at Tools > Options > Writer & Impress -> General -> Editing (Luke)
       + How can it be made possible to switch temporarily to the other mode?
         + all or nothing
       + shift+ctrl+arrow does it out of the box, cross-plattform and
         cross-application; no need to change (Heiko)
       + on Windows, the selection per mouse works as described on Wordpad too
       + as a Linux user I would dislike such a feature (Heiko)
       => keep ticket
     * Group similar autofilter submenu items to save the vertical space
       + combine background and font color (Caolan)
         + premise to have colors mutually exclusively selected is met
         + overflow per group, at least on gtk
       => patch submitted, looks good
     * Flip Impress templates when locale setting is set to RTL language
       + mirroring the content is likely to fail, rather ship RTL templates (Heiko)
       + make templates direction-sensitive or pick LTR/RTL variant (Eyal)
       + have dedicated RTL templates (Heiko) fails in case of mixed content (Eyal)
       + would prefer anyway to ship working templates, if needed with RTL and LTR
         flavors, rather than automatically flipping content
       => keep ticket
     * Description box on Macro Selector should have fixed height
       + fix dialog size or fix size of description?
       => follow the HIG and make the dialog non-resizable
     * Change Tab color dialog for sheet color selection to some
       sub menu color palette
       + change current default behavior and use some special selection (Roman)
       + wouldn't limit LibreOffice' flexibility; but having all the option
         in a submenu would be nice (Thomas)
       => resolve WF
     * Clicking into a cell of table will select the full table instead of
       entering the corresponding cell
       + standard behavior since ages (Justin, Rafael)
       + keep current (consistent) behavior (Heiko)
       => resolve NAB
     * Table Alignment options are somewhat confusing, illustration needed
       + would prefer to integrate this topic into the revamp of the dialog (Heiko)
       => keep ticket