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    Present: Alexandr, Heiko
    Comments: Rafael, Mike
     * Autofilter settings being reset in some cases
       + changing the autofilter behavior needs food reason (Heiko)
       + selecting all items *shown* in the list resets the autofilter -> bug (Mike)
       => fix the bug, keep behavior similar to Excel
     * Allow multi-cursor editing with block selection
       + block selection exists and works well with both mouse and keyboard
       + blocks can be deleted but not content added at all selected positions
         like known from text editors
       => WF because out of scope
     * Cryptic messages for average user on macro errors
       + "The macro Standard:Module1.macronotfound not found.
         Please check whether all files are placed at the right position" (Heiko)
       + "The Basic macro Standard.Module1.macronotfound could not be found.
          The macro is expected to be located at: /n Location: Document /n
          Library: Standard /n Module: Module 1 /n Macro name: macronotfound (Rafael)
       => follow Rafael's suggestion
     * Context menus in Formula Bar and in cell's own Edit mode should
       be unified (as much as possible)
       + switch uno:SelectAll and uno:InsertSymbol at the formulabar.xml
       + some other places are inconsistent too
       => do it
     * Quickly insert check boxes
       + we have a check mark bullet symbols
       + checking the bullet is not possible as we are restricted to ODF
       + having a convenient way / wizard to generate forms is desirable
       => move to extension