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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Roman, Leroy, Sophi, Jan, Dave, Thomas, Cor, Mike
     * Bookmark... dialog should hold its resize from defaults for current session
       + keep resizing and remember its state (Stuart, Thomas, Cor)
       + make the dialog non-resizable according the HIG (Heiko)
       + restoring the dialog size is tricky (see also bug 123123 and bug 134640)
       => investigate whether it's possible
     * "Insert > Special Character" and "Insert > Formatting Mark" should be renamed
       + "Insert > Special Character" -> "Insert > Character map"
       + "Insert > Formatting Mark" -> "Insert > Special character"
       + -1 (Roman, Dieter, Sophi, Jan, Dave, Stuart, Cor, Adolfo) +1 (Leroy)
       => WF
     * Output to HTML: Field shadings shouldn't be part of Html-export
       + Should field shadings be part of Html-Export (and PDF or EPUB export)?
       => no reason to export temporary information such as field shading
     * An extra word in the tooltip when hovering over a footnote
       + keep the annotation type (Thomas, Cor, Mike)
       => resolve WF