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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Dieter, Stuart, Samuel
     * RED CROSS -- search toolbar close button's RED color is ambiguous
       + move the close icon from left to the very right edge?
       + keep icon and position (Dieter, Stuart)
       => resolve WF
     * Cannot specify a Paragraph Style to use a numbering level (over 1)
       for a chosen Numbering (List) style
       + tentative mockup in c50
       => keep boiling
     * Exposing the Safe Mode dialog's guided actions for use directly
       in normal mode
       + "cohesive" feature with all-in-one dialog (Stuart)
       + restart often/mostly required a fresh profile (Samuel)
       => resolve NAB/WF
     * Removing File > Printer Settings
       + lengthy discussion about alternatives to configure printing only left
         pages for a particular document/template, for example, while keeping
         generic printer settings at the options
       + discussion run 7 years ago
       + unclear function for most users, barely used by anyone, clearly a
         usability flaw (Heiko); planning to resolve WF anyway
       => resolve WF
     * Drying Ink Feature
       + implemented with file > version
       => resolve WF/INV
     * Show a tooltip to guide the user to set user data (when it is not set)
       when inserting a comment
       + tooltip for only the author's name might not be possible/easy to implement
       + well documented and advertised via TotD
       => resolve NAB/WF