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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Regina, Telesto, Samuel
     * Ability to configure motion path indicator colour
       + where to add the color configuration for the motion path
         + tools > options would be easy to realize but likely not
           suitable for all use cases
         + ideally a setting per document or slide
       => needsDevAdvice
     * An option to disable "The template, on which this document
       is based, has been modified"
       + expert option does not hurt but an option "don't ask again
         for this template until the next modification" sounds more
       => needsDevAdvice
     * Option to Reload a document is missing with Notebookbar enabled
       => Provide Reload in the file menu (and advice per HIG to keep
          it aligned with the standard menu)
     * Reopen documents from previous session on start
       + potentially dangerous and WF (Stuart, Regina, Telesto)
       + realize per extension (Regina)
       + restore function/button at the start center (Heiko)
       + room for improvement, we do similar things on a crash (Samuel)
       => new (who implements should decide what exactly to do)
     * promote / demote chapter -- just a side note
       + rename to "move chapter up/down"
       + same name is odd, could imagine "Promote/Demote Level"
         and "Move Chapter Up/Down"
       => get input from native speaker