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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Seth, Dieter, Timur, Jean-Baptiste, Stuart, Ian, Samuel, Bogdan, Csongor, Timur
     * Zoom lost when window resized narrowly
       + make Word/Character Count and/or Style pane non-mandatory
         to show the zoom slider for smaller sizes
       + replace by abbreviated versions or icons is an option but
         agree on WF since Writer that small is not usable (Csongor)
       + zoom is important on very small sizes (Timur)
       => no good solution possible, WF
     * Separator label in Bullets and Numbering Customize tab should be bold
       + a) make it bold, b) introduce a GtkFrame, c) have controls in one line
       + a): simple, b): ugly, c): false radio button impression (Seth)
       + prefer c), variant a) gives false impression of a section (Heiko)
       => keep open for further input
     * Cut, copy, paste and drag operations for folded outlines: include
       folded content
         + Copy/Paste: Works as expected (Jean-Baptiste / Dieter)
                       Doesn't work as expected (Timur)
         + Drag / Drop: Works as expected (Dieter)
         + Cut / Paste: Not possible at the moment (Message pops up).
           Warning is expected and useful, but question is, if there should
           be an option to ignore it.
         + move: inconsistent (Heiko)
       => improve warning message and make move consistent
     * Is the "refresh" command needed in the Template Manager?
       + no need for Refresh (Heiko)
       + not working (Bogdan)
       => kill it with fire
     * Export Paths should be saved in the Document
       + opposite to bug 126665 (Stuart), not because of export (Ian)
       + export deserves a special handling (Samuel)
       => follow Samuel's suggestion
     * Should Tab and Shift-Tab change list level for first list item?
       + use shift+ctrl+tab or the like to indent paragraph and demote
         the level on all items per tab (Seth)
       => implement Seth's suggestion
     * Calc: PageStyle: Fit print range to width/height is not
       expanding to the margins
       + Like before, but replacing Fit with shrink (Bogdan, Heiko)
       => rename Fit to Shrink