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    Present: John, Heiko
    Comments: Justin, Mike, Regina, Telesto, Thomas, Stuart, Mihkel, Bastian, Adolfo, Rizal, Kendy, Csongor
     * Writer: Table can be moved to new page, but not back
       + page break is an attribute of the table, it was never possible (Justin)
       + special handling might be possible (Mike)
       + only straight-forward solution is to separate pb from table and
         modify/insert the paragraph before (Heiko)
       + wonder how other applications do it (John)
       => WF/NAB
     * Manage Changes sidebar in Writer no longer needs to be an experimental
       + yes (Kendy)
       => do it
     * Make clear distinction on differences between "Export" and "Save As",
       and move items in those filters accordingly
       + "save as" has formats for which import and export filter exists; "export"
          has those for which only export exists (Regina)
          + not in general true, for example PDF (Mike)
       + overview of current situation and some options in c16
         + remove Export and have everything under SaveAs (Telesto)
         + lossy formats (no import filter) under Export; option 4 (Thomas)
         + open document formats at SaveAs everything else at Export,
           option 1 (Stuart)
           + bad idea (Csongor), forcing users into a certain format hinders
             collaboration (John)
         + keep as it is, option 0 (Mihkel)
       + Understand Export as some final procedure, a file that can't be
         opened again; meaning option 4 (John)
       + Exporting means that plain Save will not work on this format but was
         used before (John)
       => do option 4 and test whether the (export) filter is used as
          the actual format for subsequent Save operations
     * Icon styles should not modify official application icons in start center
       (and other relevant places)
       + only one icon (Bastian), themable icons (Adolfo, Mike, Rizal)
       + proposal for guideline in c15
       + brand identification is important; we should aim for consistency across
         the themes; current icon themes work well (John)
       => guideline is okay
     * Adopt new application icons for LibreOffice 7.0
       => MIME type icons and application icons are part of the theme,
          the main icon should be reworked