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    Present: John, Heiko
    Comments: Ming, Joao, Seth, Michael, Sophie, Dieter, Cor
     * Should "Region" field be missing in Options -> LibreOffice -> User Data?
       (or is label wrong?)
       + "Country and Region" (Ming)
       + "Territory" or "Nation or Region" (Joao)
       + weird state field dependency between UI and chosen language (Seth)
       => change to "Country or Region" to keep effort low for l10n
     * Move Validity drop-down list control inside cell
       + GSheets starts editing from left and adds spacing to numbers with
         a validity list behind; if we do the same, all numbers would be
         differently aligned and editing makes the content jump (Heiko)
       + no advantage to always show the validity information (Cor)
       => visually appealing but functionality not an improvement => WF
     * Spelling dialog in Writer hard to use with screen reader
       + change the initial focus from "Connect" to the misspelled word
       + "one default for all" is failing anyway so better do a11y conform (Michael)
       => change the initial focus
     * Inconsistent name references for Writer document
       + change only OS context menu to "Writer Document" (Sophie)
       => change STR_DESCRIPTION_OO_WRITER_DOC to "%PRODUCTNAME Writer Document"
          also for other modules; keep the start center/file menu difference
     * Compression settings for images should remember user's choice
       + remember all user settings (Dieter)
       => needsDevAdvice for implementation
     * Drop PNG fallback for SVG
       => decision to be made by ESC