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    Present: John, Ruediger, Adi, Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Justin
     * Calc editing - autofill step-size: suggest no increment if the sequence
       initially contains only one cell.
       + autofill for single cells continues (1,2,3...) and the request is to
         continue (1,1,1...)
       + not wrong, known behavior, copying is simple, WF (Justin)
       + Excel and GSheet do as requested (Ruediger)
       + Excel offers options what to do (Ruediger)
         + like that (Adi)
       + Calc always does +1 for lists even wrongly for 1,3,5 (Heiko)
       + would expect what is requested in the ticket (John, Adi, Heiko)
       + look up one field and take this as basis for the increment (Ruediger)
       + get more input from experts (Cor)
       + with ctrl pressed the selected cells are copied, so the expected
         behavior works out of the box (Ruediger)
       => accept
     * Integrate Auto Text to gallery sidebar
       + unclear use case for this request
       + sidebar should be plain in general, and autotext is not really
         a gallery item; plus, scrolling through a list and picking an item
         and drag it into the document is way slower than entering a few
         characters and pressing F3
       + but it improves discoverability (John)
         + but not too much, see Sounds (Heiko)
       => WF
     * Excel keyboard shortcut bindings for Calc
       + would be nice to have an easy transition (Adi)
       + could be part of tools > options > calc > compatibility > key
         bindings (Cor)
         + not the same function as customization (Heiko)
       => extra topic, no decision needed
     * Keyboard shortcut conflict: Ctrl+F5
       + in Base, ctrl+F5 enters the "form input mode" and tab jumps through the
         different text boxes, for example
       + ctrl+F5 toggles the sidebar in Writer, Calc etc.
       + accessibility topic, would be nice to discuss with experts (Ruediger)
       + is there an industry standard (Adi, John)
       + assign uno:ToggleControlFocus to alt+F5, shift+ctrl+f6 or leave empty?
       + shift+ctrl+f6 is disabled and cannot be assigned; alt+f5 is free
       + alt+f5 switches to window mode in Ubuntu and Windows (Ruediger)
       => use shift+ctrl+f6
     * UI: Default file format on export mess (Draw:GIF; Calc: WEBP:
       Writer:EPUB; Impress:PDF)
       + Draw: TIF, Impress: WMF, Calc: XHTML and Writer:
         "Writer Indexing Export" (Tomaz)
       + probably randomly chosen (Lubos)
       + PDF and EPUB are listed in special menu and could be removed anyway,
         would use PNG in all modules (Heiko, Cor)
       + Writer and Impress/Draw: PDF, Calc: PDF or CSV (John, Ruediger)
         + "Export As" is just a shortcut to what is available in the export filters
       => comment on ticket