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    Present: Amina, Heiko
    Comments: Andreas, Thomas, Jack, Eike, Stuart, Cor, Gabor, Harald, Seth, Jan
     * switch location of "Increase Indent" and "Decrease Indent"
       icons on Writer toolbar
       + makes sense (Jan)
       + most software start with increase (Amina)
       + first you have to increase before decrease is possible (Heiko)
       + compatibility is important, MSO has the button reverted
       + not a bug deal for UX to change as toolbar buttons are barely used (Amina)
       => let's do it
     * Redesign LibreOffice Options Start Page
       + no objection (Thomas), not a bad plan (Cor), difficult to pick (Jack)
       + no clear requirement, better not do it (Thomas, Jan)
       + proposed landing page is not beneficial to me (Amina)
       => WF
     * Navigator SB deck, 'Go to Page' Spin box is holding deck width too wide
       + moving the site number field underneath the dropdown makes sense (Amina)
       + would rather remove the buggy control (does not pick up the current
         page number, nor the "go to" page dialog input or next/previous page next
         to it) (Heiko)
       + create tickets on what's not working (Amina)
       => better move the control than do nothing
     * Calc: Delete Tools>Options>LibreOffice Calc>Compatibility page
       + still required (Eike)
       + move to expert options (Heiko, Stuart)
       + move to default and pimp with MSO bindings (Gabor, Thomas)
       + pointless and confusing feature, with negative impact on usability,
         making false expectations to switch the full shortcut customization to
         some other layout- hiding as far as possible from users
         is best (Amina, Heiko)
       => move to expert option (if the effort is not too much higher than
          moving to Default)