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    Present: Hossein, Bogdan, Ruediger, Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Mike, Cor, Stuart, Harald, Seth
     * Paragraph format: Inconsistent display in space between paragraphs
       for area fill
       + margin is (per definition) _always_ transparent (Regina)
       + if the attributes of one paragraph continue on the next the margin
         will be filled
       + perhaps add a property similar to the new "BackgroundFullSize" (Mike)
       + changing the behavior could break the layout for existing documents
       + to continue attributes the border can be used instead of spacing (Heiko)
       => recommend to streamline and always use transparent (perhaps with
          an expert or compatibility option for legacy documents)
     * Allow cross-references to bookmarks to show the line number
       + unclear use case, references to numbered paragraphs seems enough
       + never heard about references to line numbers in other
         office programs (Hossein)
       + the request is to _show_ the line number (Ruediger)
       + use case is apparently to have a link to a particular line
       + or technical documents like source code where a particular line is
         to be referenced (Bogdan)
         + but source code would be numbered code lines, which is paragraphs (Heiko)
       + lines are not numbered (the annotation is some decoration) and referencing
         is difficult; unclear whether line within a page or the document
       + still, the recommended workflow is to use numbered paragraphs
         (and keep those short) (Heiko)
       + (auto) bookmarks per macro might help (Hossein)
       => WF
     * CROSS-REFERENCE: Give warning, if you delete a target of a cross-reference
       + Internet recommends to search for "Reference source not found"
         + update not reliable though
       + only acceptable workflow is to immediately show an infobar (or
         and other non-interrupting) message and hide it once the reference
         is back (eg. after cut/paste)
       + this might be a performance issue
       + if reference and source are far away from each other the information
         might not be helpful; you pbl. have to clean up the broken reference
         somewhere else- and jumping around in the document is unwanted (Ruediger)
       + heavy editing potentially produces a large number of warnings
       + problem when user not hides the info, or when it comes up too often
       + double-check whether competitors do show such a warning (Hossein, Bogdan)
       => decide later
     * Search and Replace
       + Regression tdf#117173 caused with this commit
         DIALOG: Improvements to the Find & Replace dialog.
         + The good: It has provided improvements to the "Find and Replace" dialog.
         + The bad: It created a regression in accessibility
         + Number of found/replaced items no longer announced by
           screen reader: NVDA, etc
       + Possible solutions:
         1) Exposing this text to the screen readers
         2) Going back to the popup
            + Popup is useful for announcing important information
            + It is understood by the screen readers
            + It is used in MS  Word, from Office 97 to Office 2019
            + Gerrit submission: tdf#117173 Add popup for # of items found/replaced
      => discussed, go ahead!
     * UI Indicate change tracked formatting changes in readable format
       + what additional info needs to be shown
       + in case of formatting changes the actual attributes should be shown
         in the comment likewise done for deletions
       => do it
     * “Create Style” Dialogue Does not Work Correctly if Opened via
       Menu or Toolbar: (often/always) shows other styles than the
       'own styles', sometimes inactive when it shouldn't ..
       + function started from sidebar/stylist creates PS, CS or LS depending
         on what tab is open and if the selection is a list;
       + the dialog lists user-defined PS/LS
       + running from the main menu creates always PS
       + has been improved by renaming to "New Style From Selection" (Cor)
       + odd behavior in some workflows (Stuart)
       + allow users to chose the stylefamily (Harald)
       + same problem, working only on PS, for new/update/edit,
         see bug 107120 (Seth)
       => no further input, just summarize