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    Present: LibreOffice Enthusiast, Alexandr, Rizal, Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Miklos, Telesto, Ilmari, Mike, Dieter, Eyal, Jan
     * wrong term for gutter position in mirrored page layout
       + rename to "Left" to "Inner" (Regina)
         + "left" is easier to understand (for LTR users) so we ideally
           use "Inner (Left)" for LTR and "Inner (Right)" for RTL
       + explanation of feature in c10 (Miklos)
       + suggest to use radio buttons with clear alternatives (Heiko)
       => let's do it / easyhackable
     * Deleting first paragraph of a document deletes anchored to object
       + unclear situation with wfm (Telesto in c6) and
         never worked (Ilmari, c7)
       + bug 124338 requests the opposite (Mike, c9)
       + "As Character" just delete, "To Character" mark/highlight the object
         first and require a second backspace to actually delete (similar to
         "To Paragraph") and "To Page" don't deleted at all (unless explicitly
         selected) (Heiko)
       + some other, more complex issue (Dieter, c13ff)
       => no further input, remove UX
     * Limiting to selected category limits to the category of selected
       item in tree
       + add label before the "Navigate By" dropdown and
         auto select the category when clicking at the tree (Eyal, c9)
         + adding a label before the dropdown occupies a lot of space
         + might be solved by the request to move the page number into another row
       + picking an entry in the Navigator list should select the appropriate
         item in the "Navigate By" dropdown and vice versa, if possible
       => go for it
     * When an Undo only affects out-of-view content, scroll there instead
       + leads to inconsistency and is unexpected for long-term users
       + not applying Undo not always makes clear what exactly has been changed
         (eg. delete a word on a page)
       + we give feedback by highlighting the undone part
       => NAB/WF
     * No ability to select all content with a specific style
       + supposed workflow with Find & Replace is inconvenient (Jan)
       + to select paragraphs in order to modify the formatting is
         not straight-forward
       + multi-selection makes is error-prone due to overwriting
       => recommend to not do it