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    Present: Amina, John, Heiko
    Comments: Cor
     * LO should remember settings of last user session
       + use case to have two documents side by side is relevant and
         we should store the window position in the document
       + as today, new documents should take the position/size of the
         last session, even when the document was not not saved
       + the document's window position/size overrules the workstation info
       => do it
     * Resolve state isn't tracked by track changes
       + besides technical restrictions it's a question whether we want to
         track the resolved state of comments
       + unclear benefit from tracking the resolved state, would rather
         not clutter the TC info (Heiko)
       + only information that TC reveals is who resolved a comment,
         and having those makes sense to me (Amina)
       => go for it if competitors do it too
     * Make range highlight thicker when opening formulas in Calc
       + agree with the request, makes the view more consistent (John)
       => do it
     * CSV import: "String delimiter" drop-down needs indication that it's editable
       + valid request (Cor, John)
       + control is clearly different from simple dropdowns (Heiko)
       + options: a) separate positioning and a bit larger size, b) remove the
         dropdown in favor of text input (with default to double quote),
         c) tooltip / documentation
       => a) sounds like the best solution