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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Roman, Dave, Adolfo, Dieter, Eyal
     * Enabling Print Current Page by pressing a shortcut key
       + one key stroke less (alt+G) when showing the preview
       + there must not be a default shortcut for print directly (Heiko)
       + "print current page directly" welcome (Dieter)
       => so let's do it
     * Consider renaming menu item "Search Commands"
       + rename to "Search and execute Commands"
       + disagree (Roman, Dave), not satisfied with either names (Adolfo)
       + HUD typically do execute; neither KRunner nor Spotlight tell
         users explicitly that enter will run the command
       => NAB/WF
     * Clarify the pivot tables dialog instructions label to mention
       double-clicking to edit the properties of a field item
       + advice to read the documentation (Roman)
       + mockup #3 in bug 131654 allows to select the operation via dropdown
       => rather revamp the UI than adding some static tips but keep
          the ticket for reference
     * CROSS REFERENCE TO HEADING: There should be an option to drop the
       separator in reference text
       + clarify relation to bug 142555 "If "Headings" is selected as type,
         "Chapter" should be removed from "Refer using"-list
       + see also bug 148108 "Can't change "refer using" back from Number
         to Chapter"
       + not against a careful renaming but probably not the ultimate solution
       + better add a note to the documentation
       + consequently to this ticket, bug 142555 is a WF
       => keep open