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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Cor, Csongor, Eyal, Stuart, Rizal
     * Mark page center on horizontal and vertical rulers
       + some indicator on the ruler and/or snaplines in Writer
       + good idea (Cor, Csongor) but(?) maybe as snap positions for helpline
       + no good workflow for Writer, precise handling done with Draw anyway
       + helplines do the trick out of the box (Heiko)
       => WF, but keep open for a while
     * Allow reorder of Sections using the Navigator
       + unclear use case, can of worms (Heiko)
       + fun to have, but unclear how to position in relation to other content (Cor)
       + request to drag one section into another one likely WF
       => remove UX, suggest WF
     * Missing/unexposed ability to explicitly set the "language group"
       of a piece of text
       + matter of principle as it does not make sense that setting a direction
         also sets the language and changing the direction of a run of text
         must not change its font (Eyal)
       + cannot judge on challenging the code basis (Heiko)
       => remove UX
     * Page Area in Start Center Does Not Respect Application Colors Scheme
       + Start center’s hard-coded color scheme doesn’t work for
         high-contrast mode users
       + thumbnails don't pick up the document colors (Rizal, Stuart)
       + waste of dev effort to recreate thumbnails on those changes (Stuart)
       + rather than using an arbitrary hard-coded color for the dialog we should
         prefer the system theme, which should fit in most cases with what was
         used to generate the thumbnails (Heiko)
       => fix the background color but don't update thumbs
     * Page preview, need toggle button for system colours <> real colours
       + +1 (Stuart, Cor)
       + switching the colors is not a frequent interaction and well suited
         at tools > options; clearly -1 (Heiko)
       => remove UX