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    Present: Heiko
     * MASTER DOCUMENT: Allow to customize numbering formats of subdocuments
       when creating Master Document with File -> Send
       + having options or even make configurable is over-engineering
       => use a different default namely 01_<name>, ideally with digits
          according the maximum number
     * FILEOPEN (csv import): Allow resizing of preview columns
       + little benefit not worth the effort
       + better auto size dep. on content
       => resolve WF
     * Use attention-attracting cue when pressing Ctrl+F when in find bar
       + change the bg color of "Find" field for a few ms?
       + sounds like a good idea and perhaps not too difficult to implement
       + would suggest to change the frame color and fade slowly out
       => go ahead
     * Allows to paint color cells while protecting the sheet
       + worry about conditional formatting but eventually it's a (hopefully)
         conscious user decision
       => option to change cell attributes except number format as other cells
          may depend on it
     * Improve labels for [M] and [T] in AutoCorrect Options tab and
       add labels in Localized Options tab
       + tooltip is fine, guess [M] means to finish editing with a white-space
         or return
       => needsDevAdvice to find better tooltips
     * Tools > AutoCorrect > Apply and Edit Changes - drop first dialog
       go directly to Edit
       + drop the first confirmation dialog and always show TC with
         Accept/Reject All?
       => reasonable request, do it