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    Present: Eyal, Heiko
    Comments: Thomas, JO3EMC, Andreas, Regina, Mike
     * When merging cells, it is not good that 'Keep the contents of the
       hidden cell' is the default
       + MSO can read hidden content from merged cells but when applied on MSO365
         it offers only to remove the content
       + no need to change (Roman)
       + hidden content may be a safety, security and privacy issue (JO3EMC)
       + warning/infobar on load (since at save time it's not possible) (Heiko)
         + probably too late (Eyal)
       + current default is convenient (Eyal)
         + maybe the first option, saving into one cell, is the better default
       + better solution might be to show an indicator for hidden content similar
         to the comments (Eyal, Heiko)
       => comment
     * Need ability to search only comments
       + Ability to pick-and-choose where to search
       + reasonable request but having this flexibility comes on cost of a cluttered
       + feature would be needed for several entities such as Comments,
         Footnotes, Text...
       + solution a) is to list all entities similar to attributes and check it
         by default
       + solution b) would be to know where search was started from and allow to
         "[ ] Search only in %1"
       + solution c) is to start the search command with a parameter like
         .uno:Search?where="comment" and allow to restrict the search to this entity
       + b) and c) clutter less, a) is more flexible (but requires a check
         all/none option)
       => comment
     * Give alert for unsaved when sending document in email
       + turn the logic and ask to save first (Heiko)
       + rather prompt for saving first (even when not needed) but
         with the option to send anyway without saving (Thomas)
       => go for it
     * Poor nomenclature for Manual Break
       + prefer a simple solution, see comment 8 (Heiko)
       + propose more verbose solution, comment 14 (Seth)
       + consider LTR/RTL and better use Start/End (Eyal)
       + adding a preview thumbnail should be simple (Heiko)
         + good image might be a challenge (Eyal)
       => comment
     * Rework Sparklines's context menus
       + for cells w/o sparklines, do not list sparkline commands at all (Heiko)
         or at least have only Insert Sparkline at the root level (Eyal)
       + in case of context being a sparkline it's not needed to Insert
         (but to Edit)
       + ideally we show/enable Ungroup only if we have a group and
         vice versa (Eyal)
       + consider the Notebookbars (Andreas)
       => do it
     * Rename "Left page border" and "right page border"...
     * Rename "page text area top" and "page text area bottom"...
       + "border" is wrong (Mike)
       + must not use "Margin" nor "Border", maybe "Page region left of
         page content area" (Regina)
       + rework the dialog "from ground", actually just move the "to:"
         dropdown at the second position to make it a sentence (Eyal)
         + if possible, the offset should be always available (and "From Left"
           could be removed then)
       + we have a great preview showing exactly what happens (Heiko)
       => no better proposal though