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    Present: Eyal, Heiko
    Comments: Seth, Dieter, Cor, Csongor, Regina, Roman
     * Commands related to styles miscategorized in customization dialog
       + patch submitted SID_TEMPLATE_LOAD -> Template,
         SID_STYLE_DESIGNER -> View (Seth)
       + another name like "Style Functions" might work as well (Eyal)
       => comment
     * Explicit toggle for ToC/Index title
       + no issue, preview available (Dieter, Cor)
       + alternative is to have a checkbox "[x] Use title" and enable
         the input respectively
       + improve consistency, maybe novice user would not try to delete,
         label "Type and Title" is misleading, and we have enough space
         in the dialog (Eyal)
       => nice easyhack for beginner-
     * Need to make Insert cross-ref more accessible
       + alt+shift+R or C (Eyal)
       + (default) shortcuts are precious, but no preference from my side (Heiko)
       + alt+shift+R is assigned to View > Rulers (a single time function),
         would feel better to reassign this one (Heiko)
         + having this shortcut makes sense (Eyal)
       + don't mind but strongly encourage a shortcut for cross-reference (Eyal)
       => do it
     * Mark page center on horizontal and vertical rulers
       + no objection, useful idea (Cor, Csongor)
       + not a requirement for Writer and available in Draw/Impress (Heiko)
       + page center is not clear, eg. including the gutter? (Regina)
       + there is a snap function for the actual position of the shape
       + for tables, for example, it's also important to know where
         the center is (Eyal)
       + if we implement a positioning feature it should be one used across the app
         which is the snap lines in Draw; make positioning very flexible since the
         objects could be aligned to left/right of the center too (Heiko)
       + snaplines needs to be enhanced to also snap at the center of objects and
         to snap at the page center
       + centering an object in Writer is possible via Position & Size (also
         with option to consider or ignore the gutter)
       + still interesting to see where the center is; and it has a minor impact
         on UI/UX (Eyal)
       + center could be realized per printer marks but those depend on
         columns - what center is meant in case of columns or other content like
         sections, frames etc.?
         + bug is about center of page
       + a) suggest to split the bug into mark and snap and b) ask for input what
            center exactly is meant (page, text area, paragraph... or any)
       + prefer to not do (Heiko)
       => comment
     * UI: The No List button constantly highlighted when no some text isn't a list
       + standard mutually exclusive behavior, NAB (Heiko)
       + but typically positively defined, would prefer two buttons (Eyal)
         + easy to customize (hide button) and working well (Heiko)
       + having the No List button has not much benefit for the user and occupies
         space, so removing/hiding makes sense
       => check whether No List was added but recommend to remove
     * Rework the Sparklines dialog
       + Mockup provided (Roman)
       + looks good
       + vertical axis needs min/max labels, the caption and controls should become
         properly indented (ideally the first control right of the caption)
       + Axis should be Axes, Properties -> Basic Properties
       + this configuration would greatly benefit from a preview
       => comment