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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Adolfo, Eyal, Stuart, Ilmari
     * Popup dialog boxes for Arrow Style tab should use consistent terminology with
       the main Arrow style tab
       + duplicate of:
     * Improve label and tooltip for Arrow Styles icon in Drawing Objects Properties
       + arrowhead -> arrow style
       + worried about overloading the term style (Adolfo)
       + "styles" are everywhere in the dialog and at the toolbar, needs to
         clean-up (Cor)
       + arrowhead is indeed inconsistent with the source being arrow style (Heiko)
       + toolbar
       => preferably we find better names for all "style" items but meanwhile
          the simple patch is not bad
     * Graphics objects not replaced/overwritten when Paste is used on the marked
       + pasting a shape onto another does not delete but in case of an image
         it does
       + not a regression (Ilmari)
       + shape don't overwrite other objects - by design, but images must not -> bug
       => comment and make it a bug regarding images
     * Make "Auto Spellcheck" a module-level or document-level option
       + +1 for having it module specific, -1 for document level (Eyal, Stuart, Cor)
       => accepted
     * Add to list: unable to 'detected' a list directly below/or above.. you always
       need to place cursor in the list
       + automatic detection vs. flexibility
       + confusion reported in bug 140579 resolved fixed with reference to
         documentation by Dieter
       + "Add To List" assigns the list before to the current paragraph; having one
         item - the very first before the list - behave differently and become added
         to the next list would be inconsistent; but using the ctrl key modifier
         makes the function very flexible and does the trick
       + only alternative is to have two functions, "add to list before" and
         "...after", which needs to be enabled depending on the document structure;
         drawback here is the complexity and the unclear default
       => NAB/recommend to not enhance
     * "Previous / Next Page" shortcuts do not match the tooltips on the navigator
       + no issue (Cor, Heiko)
       => resolve WF/NAB