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    Present: John, Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Cor, Mike, John, Pedro, Roman, Eyal, Justin
     * Alphabetical index field: allow "Edit Index Entry" to open on double-click
       + introduce double-click interaction in addition to the context menu seems to
         be a special handling
       + it's possible to double click on fields which opens edit fields
       + multi-selection (whole word or parts) and cursor at the end wont show the
         command, which is a bug
       + not expecting double-click myself but wont hurt anyway (John)
       => let's do it
     * Include a HUD inside the Standard toolbar
       + requires to rewove a considerable number of commands from the toolbar
       + 3x commenters against, 4x pro
       + maybe overloading the quick find or the sidebar (Mike)
       + remember Tomaz commenting somewhere that this modification requires some
       + better have a dedicated sidebar tab where the search will return a) the
         position at the main menu (as of today), b) the command associated with the
         term whether in the label or the tooltip, and c) places in the document
         where the word is being used (taking the quick find bar effectively into
         the sidebar) as done in MSO
         + drawback is that controls at the quickfind bar applies to the document/
           quick search only
        + if the 1280px limitation really is a limit, the standard toolbar is in
          fact not a good solution (John)
          + makes it 4 against vs 3 pro
        => comment and recommend to resolve WF
     * Change behavior of anchor to character in an empty paragraph
       + some may expect the object to move some want it to remain
       + current situation can be explained and is straight-forward
       + discussion is somewhat academic anyway
       => recommend to not change
     * Show the count of hidden sheets in the Calc spreadsheets statusbar
       + plenty of alternatives, not worth to occupy the space (Regina)
       + appreciate the view (Cor)
       + expectation is "Sheet 4 of 10 (4 hidden)"
       + tooltip? not the expectation
       + icon-only info button with a question mark, or the like, next to add sheet
         showing a tooltip like info as requested (and maybe more information in the
         future like total size of the document)
       => go for it
     * PDF Accessibility: Checker dialog should have a "Print report" button
       + rather Copy but unclear if needed at all
       + prototype function taken from involves more steps, ie.
         upload, check, modify and again where a printout might be handy
       + better show annotations in the document like comments
         + probably along with an option to remove all these annotations
       + but running the checker again is cheap and does the trick
       + maybe the idea is to export the inaccessible parts of the documents
         together with the issue (John)
         + unclear workflow; what happens with the exported and a11y conform parts?
       + MSO lists all types of issues and the occurrences below; it offers possible
         solutions via context menu directly at the issue (some even as a no-brainer
         one click option) and explain why this needs to be done; all in a sidebar
       => recommend WF