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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: ajlittoz, Miklos, Mike, Maxim
     * Writer: hidden link between list and chapter numbering
       + unlikely to solve (ajlittoz)
       + perhaps disable F12 shortcut (Mike)
       + keep F12 and restrict the LS to chapter numbering, meaning to
         disable all inappropriate options (as today) and block also all LS
         for outlines; don't allow using this LS on ordinary paragraphs;
         ultimately the software should handle proper LS and the user must
         not be required to think what options to pick (Heiko)
       => comment
     * "Object" property dialog (and Navigator and UI elements) should be
       retitled "OLE Object"
       + no objection to proposal in c19
       => do it
     * Should .uno:ObjectMenue be shown in the Customize dialog?
       + consider Windows where OLE works differently (Miklos)
       + filled dynamically with content (Maxim)
       => resolved fixed with the "OLE Object" modification
     * Add button or context menu for (Un)Grouping in dialogue Pivot Table Layout
       => unclear workflow, WF/NAB
     * ability to draw callout with line extending from top or bottom of text box
       => unclear workflow, WF/NAB