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    Present: John, Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Eyal, Ilmari, Mike, Rafael
     * Want option to see more effect info in the list of effects
       + extend the animations list with more information like
         "Emphasis: Change Font Color to #333399"?
       + "plenty of white space" (Eyal) makes sense (John)
       => show the animation detail for emphasis
     * "Left paragraph border" -> "Left of paragraph indent" and
       "Right paragraph border" -> "Right of paragraph indent"
       + change the label or improve the preview?
       + "Left frame border" has been changed to "Left of frame text area"
         for bug 148782
       + revision: "Left of paragraph text area"
       + revision clashes with "Paragraph area"
       + afraid of worsening the situation (John)
       + "Left paragraph white-space" maybe (Heiko)
         + white-space is unclear, at least in other languages than English
       => no good solution
     * Customize footnote symbols
       + unclear if there is a standardized style for the request (John, Eyal)
       + can of worms, better implement a citation style (CSL) (Stuart)
         + does not refrain us from more flexibility for user-defined footnotes
       + UI-wise we could split a manually entered string into characters for
         the autonumbering or use a comma-delimited list (Heiko)
       => needinfo and WF unless it's an official standard
     * The descriptions of Safe Mode options are misleading
       + mockup at
       + looks good (John) but
         + is there an autobackup to "restore last known working state"
         + what is "undo modifications" compared to restore?
         + too many options, maybe remove "reset state of extensions"
       + Apply button is unclear (comment by Roman)
         + restarts with the chosen settings- clear to me (John)
       + mutual dependency between user profile and extension (comment by Cor)
         + unclear which one; if clearing entire profile, for example, means to
           also clear the extensions we could automatically check this option
       + separate bundled/shared aka user/application extensions (comment by Samuel)
         + if needed we have to add an extra section/frame under Extension (which
           would become "User Extension") with the same options for "Application
         + users are probably unaware of what extensions are bundled and what
           uninstalling means; better to have one option for both (John)
       + "Backup user profile" and "Restore from file" unclear (Cor)
         + we could just allow to restore from last known configuration (and
           consequently backup overwrites the one setting)
       + continue in save mode vs. apply unclear (Cor, Roman)
         + clear to me (John)
         + different naming welcome but better have tooltip explaining the function
       + some image(s) make the UI nicer
       => go for it
     * Create sketches for ajlittoz's vision of a UI promoting the use of styles
       + ideas?
       + Write up scenarios for our personae (Benjamin, Eve) doing something with
         DF which would be better with styles, and present them on the bug page (or
         in an attachment?) so that suggested UI ideas could relate to improving
         concrete scenarios/behaviors (Eyal)
       + not convinced of the pedagogic argument (John)
       + another view is that software should support the user instead of users
         accommodating to the software
         + "intuitive application control" syndrome (Ilmari)
       + providing a styles oriented toolbar does a) replicate the Stylist, b) wont
         bring users into understanding the matter, and c) is always incomplete
       + styles should be encouraged by all means (Mike)
         + by some, yes, but not all (Eyal, Rafael)
       + detect DF and give feedback (Rafael)
       => recommend to make it a duplicate