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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Mike, Seth
     * SLIDESHOW: Feature request to add well known keyboard shortcut
       from Powerpoint CTRL+A
       + air mouse are built for MSO and use ctrl+A for the pen
       + full customization likely hard to realize, more simple compatibility
         mode could be an alternative (Heiko)
       => let's follow MSO shortcuts
     * Clarify what a master slide is a master _for_
       + would be nice to have a list "This master slide is used
         for ..." (Regina)
       + don't see a problem and slide masters could be used flexible in
         one presentation and in another one not (Heiko)
       => recommend WF but keep open
     * When inserting a FOOTNOTE or ENDNOTE, allow user to chose an
       alternative anchor character style
       + request seems to circumvent the double superscripted (ordinary)
         asterisk, * vs 🞶 (see also bug 145239)
       + varying CS contradicts the idea of autonumbering where numbers
         have a reliable sequence
       => WF, better solve the double superscript
     * A different Formatting Mark for Numbered Entries
       + special paragraph break symbol like § would be hard to spot
       + proposed indicator § looks like a paragraph (Seth)
       + better realize styles highlighter from bug 38194 (Heiko)
       => WF
     * Paragraph numbering similar to line numbering
       + technically no significant problem to show an annotation
         similar to line number for consecutive paragraphs in order
         to not interfer with the internal numbering (Mike)
       + alternatively show the number of paragraphs before/after
         in a statistics dialog (see bug 123083 and META bug 103479)
       => recommend WF but keep ticket