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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Rafael, Seth, Eyal
     * When clicking an Insert-shape button, focus is wrong
       + the toolbar "insert shapes" command remains active while you
         can draw multiple shapes in Writer; and escape cancels this
       + once drawing the shape is finished, the tool should no longer be
         selected in the sidebar, and return to selection mode by
         pressing Esc (Rafael)
       => sounds good (Cor)
     * Make the selection behavior when double-clicking a word a user preference
       + include the trailing space on double-click (and insert back in case
         of overtyping)?
       + keyboard use with ctrl+shift+left/right includes the space
         and we should do the same for the mouse (Cor)
       + if so, have an option for it
         + nope
       => do it
     * Proposal for slight change in position and label of controls in the
       Position dialog for objects
       + a) "From left" of "Paragraph area" by "0.70cm" (Seth)
         + to => of makes sense (Cor)
         + "to" does not fit always, eg. with "left of entire page" (Heiko)
         + change wont improve the understandability (Cor)
       + b) Align "Paragraph area" to "From left" with offset "0.70cm" (Eyal)
         + unclear how it works in other languages and can of worms (Cor)
       => recommend to not change (WF) but no string objection if someone
          volunteers; better do smaller steps
     * Change submenu label for formatting textboxes and shapes in
       Calc and Impress
       + intention to not use the generic "object" and consistency across modules;
         alternative make a pseudo .uno for Calc (Seth)
       + any objection to change "Object and Shape" -> "Text Box and Shape"
       + Insert > OLE Object (but in fact Insert > Shape) barely combines with
         Format > Object & Shape
       + Text Box and Shape sounds much better
       => do it for all modules
     * It's difficult to reach text area properties
       + does the command Format > Object and Shape > Text Attributes...
         need a more prominent position?
       + somehow misplaced in the main menu but expect it to be in
         the sidebar (Eyal)
       + Fit width/height might be worth to add to the "Columns" deck (renaming
         needed) and we could add the deck's generic property action (Heiko)
       + New label could be "Text" (Cor) or "Text Attributes" (Heiko)
       => do it