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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Regina
     * Basic-IDE - Missing feature to export COLORIZED basic code
       in a WRITER document + Workaround
       + prefer a macro solution for such special request (Heiko)
       => realize per extension
     * Lines and Shadows in Shapes are positioned outside their selected
       region (to Entire Paragraph area or Paragraph Text area)
       + Writer images are treated as frames and not as shapes (Regina)
       + bug 90070 asks to not shrinks the size when adding a border
         and spacing (but not yet shadows) (Regina)
       => keep open and comment on 90070
     * Problem with decimal number selection using double click
       + select all if a word is a currency like 1.234,56$
       + should be possible using a regex algorithm
       => do it
     * Can't insert/embed office-documents as icons
       + insert OLE object from file as icon works well
       + but with drag 'n drop the document is linked into a section
       + sections have some advantage over OLE objects
       + attaching binary files might be a security issue
       + change behavior carefully and insert as OLE object in case of
         drag 'n drop plus accelerator key (eg. Ctrl)
       => do it
     * UI: Improve handling of configuring table borders in table properties
       dialog (to make it work for multiple workflows)
       + mockup revised, no further comment
       => implement this
     * Add the ability to bookmark or comment spelling/grammar mistakes
       in text from spellcheck dialog
       + mockup provided to automatically add a bookmark for this
       + idea was appreciated and received no further comments
       => implement it