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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Mike, Eike
     * EDITING: The "Increase Indent" and "Decrease Indent" increment step should
       be the width of 3 space chars (using the default style font) when working
       in an xlsx document
       + indentation should depend on the default font size at three spaces
         + makes sense (Mike) and is what MSO does (Eike)
       + change the indentation when the default font is altered
         + rather not but offer new the defaults at the interactions (Mike)
       => no-brainer if it's a standard
     * Prototype UI for new Inking feature
       + proposal to improve drawing capabilities (essentially bug 89369
         with a different approach)
       + functional difference apparently, unclear for other objects (Cor)
         + the "styles" are probably just combinations of attributes (Heiko)
         + combining frequently used attributes such as color and seldom like cap
           style into one "style" is probably not user-focused
         + there is bug 127348 related to this incl. a mockup (Heiko)
       => NEEDINFO
      * UI: PNG export dialog has radio button doesn't allow 'dimensions' or
        'DPI' to be set both
        + setting one attribute affects another; works for me (Regina, c8)
        + suggest a toggle button between mutually dependent settings meaning
          "auto adjust setting" (Regina)
        + afraid of side-effects, commented on bug 115464 incl. a mockup (Heiko)
        + welcome the suggested modification (Cor)
        => do it
      * Comment box arrows should be visually separate when pointing to the
        same line
        + don't show any lines but highlight in author's color on focus (Heiko)
        + MSO cannot do zero length comments and selects the whole word,
          would be a prerequisite to see a comment without the pointing line (Cor)
        + show the line only when a comment is selected (Heiko)
        + NAB/INV since the comment becomes framed and the dashed line solid (Cor)
          + bug: dashed lines may become solid depending on spaces (Heiko)
        => resolve INV
      * No way for Glow and Soft Edge settings in drawing styles and in any dialogs
        + mockup attached
        + if possible, we should remove the enabled checkbox and bind shadow on/off
          to distance >0;
        + like to have the default (Cor), maybe the other way around and on/off
          for the two options
        => do it