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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Eyal, Rafael, Roman, Andre
     * Add Shape main menu in to Impress
       + issue: group/ungroup (and other functions) are not formatting
       + proposal: add full Shapes root menu as known in Draw
       + pro: in sync with Draw (Eyal)
       + con: large main menu with more items than other modules, effort for
         documentation (Rafael)
       + minor issue, large consequences (Heiko)
       => do not add it / WF
     * New Feature: Print Preview In Sidebar
       + to update the print preview probably draws some resources
       + similar to page/slide pane (Rafael, Roman)
         + but those thumbnails are not a full-fledged preview
       + no strong objection but also not much benefit (Heiko)
       => needsDevEval, likely WF
     * The "Protect" section on the Options tab of {Image, Frame, Object}
       Properties dialog should be on the "Type" tab
       + proposal: move Protection options in case of images to the Type tab
         and make the preview larger
       => reasonable, go for it
     * "Date (fix)" fields updated when copy of document opened
       + open as copy works similar to templates and updates the date (Mike)
       + don't users expect "Date (fix)" to always have the initial value?
       => make "Date (Fix)" really fix (no change on copy)
     * FORMATTING request enhancement: create formatted Table of Figures
       using tabs before and after index
    + raised at
       + no discrimination between chapter "Chapter No"/E# and "Entry Text"/E
         as known from ToC (Andre)
       => level up ToF to match ToC