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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Seth, Stuart
     * styles / document: "autoupdate" -- misleading meaning
       + rename "[ ] Autoupdate" to "[ ] Update style when changing attributes"
       + "[] Automatic style update from document" (Seth)
       => do it
     * move table down to create text space above the table
       + introduce command "Insert paragraph break before table" supplementing
         the return key at the very first cell
       + no objection (Cor)
       => add command to insert PB before table/section in the context menu
     * Template Manager dialog too small
       + probably caused by some other setting (Stuart)
       => NEEDINFO
     * Lots of Spaces get suppressed, when a Paragraph mark is added after
       this Sample
       + auto correct kicks in - we should give a hint if this happens - question
       + no urgent need to change order and/or labels (Heiko)
       + "special circumstances" and involvement of extensions makes it hard
         to follow; generic answer is "autocorrection works"
       => recommend NAB
     * implement option to remember window size on a per document basis
       + we save the last window size and use it for all modules including
         start center (Cor)
       + store window size independently from start center per module, but
         not store window size per document (Stuart)
       + dup of bug 75644 "Better options to control LibO window resize...",
         which in turn is a dup of bug 41777?
       + potential use case for storing size per document is to have
         document 1 on the left side of the screen and document 2 at right (Heiko)
       => make it a duplicate, comment there