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    Present: Adolfo, Cor, Rizal, Ilmari, Xisco, Heiko
     * Add 'Search in all sheets' option to Find toolbar
       + auto switch and continue on the next sheet after last found item?
       + ask the user to continue on the nextg sheet similar to
         "continue from beginning" (Heiko)
       + mixing the behavior (Ilmari)
       + dont show again needed (Adolfo)
       + 'only' objection is that the simple/quick find bar is getting more
         and more complicated (Cor)
       + use a checkbox in the quick find bar "[ ] Search in all Sheets"
         (off by default) (Xisco)
         + would prefer to keep the quick fin d bar simple (Heiko)
       + reject the request as it's easy to search in all sheets per
         full search (Ilmari)
       => WF to avoid clutter
     * Add sortable counts to AutoFilter drop down
       + mockup attached, adding a bit noise
         + visual noise can be reduced by adding a "pill/badge" styling,
           as in web frameworks Bootstrap etc. (Adolfo)
       + costs on performance unclear, ppb negligible
       + it mixes the feature AutoFilter with another function. Then there
         will for sure be others with different handy functions to add (Cor)
       + no good reason to not do it besides clutter and some ideas to avoid
         perf penalties including to make it optional
       => do it
     * Base: Dialog for User Administration couldn't be resized - too small
       when translated to German to show all buttons
       + make resizable or use icon-only / menu button
       + generalized toolkit problem: GTK's widgets too padded out,
         not meant for dense UIs
       + dialog maybe not welded (Xisco)
       + button wall awkward anyway (Heiko)
       + could be difficult to change if hard-coded (Xisco)
       => look into it and realize actions per menu button or adjust
          the dialog size depending on controls (maybe weld it)
     * Constant Colors Fail WCAG 2.1 Contrast Ratio
       + adjust and rename all hard-coded internal colors?
       + 800+ files to change
       + no value in changing the internal name COL_BLUE to COL_NAVY
         for example (Xisco)
       + afraid of UI tests when changing the RGB values, worth a try
       + little benefit as colors are later defined by the OS
       + lot of noise for too little outcome (Xisco)
       + benefit on a11y, perhaps involve Hypra for that (Ilmari)
       => do not change the names but give RGB values a try
     * Calc UI - Defaults in Find dialogue and toolbar
       + change find&replace defaults and/or remember last user choice?
       + remembering last user choice sounds reasonable (Adolfo, Ilmari)
       => do it