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    Present: Geeko, Heiko
    Comments: Dieter, Roman, Mike, Eyal
     * Line numbering should go in Formatting menu
       + "Tools" is more like a container for several features
       + changing the menu structure requires also to change the
         documentation (Dieter)
       + Formatting is quite long right now (Dieter) and Line Numbering
         is not formatting rather a view option (Roman)
       + suggest WF (Eyal)
       => resolve WF
     * Pivot Table Filter is inaccessible from main menu, and its label
       in context menu doesn't distinguish it from e.g. Standard Filter
       + use "Pivot Table Filter" (Mike) or "Source Range Filter" (Roman)
       + renaming is fine but since it opens the same dialog misleading
         + better run the Pivot filtering method also from the main menu
           when in Pivot mode (Heiko)
         + if the standard filter needed anyway?
       => go for it
     * No "Undo" after changing margins size in "Print Preview"
       + margins are set by dragging a line changing the respective values
         in page format
       + no undo for the directly entered values
       + changing the values from the main window seems to be added to the
         undo stack
       + undo would be convenient (Geeko)
       + unclear whether technically feasible / easy to realize
       => do it, needsDevEval