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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Dieter, Eyal, Stuart, Telesto, Mike
     * Consider renaming button "open" in templates dialog
       + "Create" or "New From Template" or WF/NAB
       + how to deal with File > New > Template... and
         File > Templates > Manage Templates (or Open) from bug 104074?
       + prefer "New From Template" in the Manage Template dialog
         for File > New > Templates...
       => easyhack
     * LINE NUMBERING DIALOG: Change interval to 1 by default
       + every single line is standard in some scenarios (Eyal, Dieter)
       + every 5 lines is appropriate for most use cases (Heiko)
       + configuration well covered in help (Stuart)
       => recommend to keep the default but keep ticket open due to tie
     * WORD COMPLETION: Make it visible, if there is more than one option
       for word completion
       => no rather input, do it
     * Pictures in writer: ignores height changes and proportional
       + add option to keep ratio of source on crop (Telesto)
       + we may add some "lock" icon between height/width to keep
         the ratio but would prefer to keep the dialog simple
       + and this lock potentially clashes with the other options
       => resolve WF
     * Make Autosum button a split button
       + have Sum() be the default and all other options in the menu (Mike)
       => no objection, do it