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    Present: John, Eyal, Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Mike, Timur
     * Render non-printing line numbers with faint gray
       + potential solution for bug 150237
         + starting with a text would show no line number unless line 5, which
           is odd (Eyal)
         + dialog is started manually so users are aware of what they
           are doing (Cor)
         + how about starting with #1 (Heiko)
       + faint numbers are neat but probably not worth the effort (Stuart)
       + showing the current line number could be done via the statusbar (Heiko)
         + users want to see numbers of multiple lines (Eyal)
       + line numbers are important for minutes, for example (Eyal)
       + faint grey lines could be realized as an extra "line numbering" run before
         the actual line numbering; the option could be stored in the registry
         and applied to the document independently from the line numbering setting
       + better change the default to every line (John, Cor, Eyal)
         + less development effort, no confusion
       => prefer grey lines but change default is okay too => needsDevAdvice (could
         be easyhackable)
     * Paragraph mark in rotated-character paragraph placed in middle of text
       + show pilcrow at the next character, ie. on top of a rotated text,
         meaning bottom-to-top (Eyal)
       + show it right of the rotation as MSO does (Heiko)
       + pilcrow should be in line with the cursor (Regina)
       + keep pilcrow unrotated (Mike)
       + having it on top or at the side shifts text either for hard or
         soft breaks; suggest therefore to have the hard break right/left and
         suppress soft break in rotated text (Heiko)
       + MSO puts the rotated word into the next line for both hard and soft
         breaks (so we have an incongruency anyway) (Heiko)
       + rotate the pilcrow/softbreak symbol and put it at the end of the line;
         accept that is overwritten (Eyal, John)
       + pilcrow should be drawn under the text (Eyal)
       + many pro and cons, wouldn't put effort in any (bad) solution (Cor)
       => comment on the ticket, needsDevEval
     * TABLES: Command "Distribute columns evenly" doesn't work for a single row
       + respect the selection or treat the whole table as some static evenly
         distributed object when a flag is set, as requested in bug 128279
         + don't agree with bug 128279 (Cor)
       + expect an action and to respect the selection (John, Cor)
         + alt+left/right interaction should not change (Cor)
       + two different things both make sense; running the action (per selection)
         switches off the state (Eyal)
       => accept the ticket, ie. don't change not selected columns if a selection
          is active
     * Last row does not remain hidden when deleting row(s)
       + same behavior on MSO: if rows 15-last are empty, deleting some
         rows <15 doesn't show additional rows. If A1048576 is not empty, deleting
         rows 9-10 shows additional rows A1048575-A1048576 (Timur)
       + deleting columns does reduce the total number, however, in Excel but
         not in Calc
         + hiding columns sets width to zero
       + WPS never adds lines (Timur)
       + deleting rows add new to the end of the table, which are not hidden then;
         so hide the added row if the last one is hidden (Heiko)
         + how about other attributes such as formatting (Eyal)
           + only the hidden attribute
       => recommend to do it