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    Present: Tristan, Heiko (Rizal, Aneta)
    Comments: Stuart, Mike, Roman
     * Preview using Conditional Formatting has weird behavior when multiple
       cells are selected
       + use a static text like "42", "Sample", or "Preview"
       + alternatively, we show only the first n values from the selection
         + pointless in case of T,T,T,F,T,F,F,T,F,F... or the like
       + so show the first n categories
         + probably some effort to implement for little benefit
       + prefer the static text "This is a preview" (Tristan)
       => do it
     * Title case setting for style headings capitalizes 'and'
       + it's actually "Capitalize Every Word" but affects also excluded words
         like mRNA and iPhone (see also bug 121779)
       => forward the question to the developers
     * Document Recovery UX can be improved
       + unclear if is it really popping up at the wrong time (Heiko)
       + to be confirmed by QA, needsDevAdvice for possible improvements
     * Drop separate docking Elements window, and use Sidebar instead
       + remove the left elements pane in Math (Stuart, Mike)
       + keep it to have it parallel to other tabs (Roman)
       + more modern design; and not many useful interactions on the
         other tabs (Heiko)
       => do it, and see if users complain
     * Freeze XXX commands in tabbed interface appear twice
       + keep first col/row as quick interactions (Heiko)
       => do it