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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Roman, Rafael, Stuart, Tristan, Wolfgang, Eike
     * Rename character style "source text"
       + go with "Monospaced" (Rafael)
       + merge "Source Text, Teletype, User Entry" into "Source Code" (Stuart)
       + use either "Source Code Style" or "Typewriter Style" (Tristan)
       + like "Typewriter" (without style) (Heiko)
       + prefer "Monospace" (Cor)
       => do it and try to remove unnecessary CS
     * "Copy version information" button in About dialog should have
       description label
       + implemented intentionally as icon-only button (Roman, Heiko)
       + tooltip is sufficient (Cor)
       => WF/NAB
     * LineStartName / LineEndName "Symmetric Arrow" vanished
       + equilateral triangle with the expectable directions,
         asked for in for a macro (Wolfgang)
       + reading bug 126648 it seems we renamed Symmetric Arrow to Arrow Short
       + macros may rely on a certain style and we should investigate if some
         solution per code (Cor)
         + Only then we can judge if it is reasonable to solve (somehow) or not...
         + strongly against such a restriction to keep _any random_ style; even with
           some code solution we cannot update the design
       + relying on some style (that can be deleted by the user, btw) or any other
         volatile content is wrong here; the mentioned macro needs to be written
         more carefully (Heiko)
       => reopen, comment, needsDevAdvice
     * CSV (Text) import dialog: Improve discoverability of Column type setting
       + a) keep label enabled, b) auto select first column, c) show down arrow,
         d) show a static tip, e) switch from Standard to Text... (Heiko)
       + switching to Text has been refused; power users wants to load data without
         interruption (Mike)
       + a) makes sense, all the rest is not needed (Cor)
       => recommend to do a) (easyhackable), no strong objection against c)
     * [UI][RFE] clearly visible hint or tooltip when entering a non-number
       Conditional Formatting condition
       + "+" is just no valid input, not much we can do (Eike)
       + corner case, let's keep it as it is (Cor)
       + to allow complex input such as formulas makes no sense (Heiko)
       => resolve WF/NAB