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    Present: Mayu, Heiko
    Comments: Rafael, Eike, Tuomas, Mike, Cor, Eyal
     * Confusing language in Similarity Search
       + "Number of different/additional/additional characters" or
         "Different/Larger/Shorter by [ ] characters"; tooltips are helpful
          in case of ambiguous labels (Rafael)
       + algorithm is Levenshtein and suggestion is not an improvement (Eike)
       + shorter labels are better, so having "character" as a "unit"
         an improvement (Mayu)
       => let's do it / easyhack
     * "Text-to-text" is hard to understand
       + "Oversized and undersized characters" (Tuomas)
       + "Character alignment" (Rafael)
       + "Vertical character alignment", "Vertical alignment of characters" (Eyal)
         + small label is way too long
       + don't mind text-to-text; again better to keep it short (Mayu)
       + "Vertical character alignment" for the bold title and maybe
         "Position" (Heiko)
       => do it / easyhack
     * Ctrl+Q should close documents, not exit LibreOffice
       + show a confirmation box on ctrl+Q (Stuart)
       + with "[x] Confirm before quitting with Ctrl+Q"
       + unlike Firefox and similar tool we have confirmation dialogs about unsaved
         changes; and a second confirmations would be annoying
       + MSO has no Exit at all, Close at the last document terminates the app
         (like ctrl+W / alt+F4 does for LibreOffice)
       + not an issue; and documents are saved (Cor, Mayu)
       => resolve WF
     * There should be a way to manually update fixed date / time
       + introduce a function to "Update Fields (Fix)"?
       + fix is fix, WF (Mike)
       + do not change (Cor, Mayu)
       + add a "Format value" or "Show formatted value" field type (Eyal)
       => resolve WF