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    Present: Eyal, Heiko
    Comments: Timur, Miklos, Stuart, Regina, Cor
     * Should be able to permanently delete comments with track changes enabled
       + deletion is contrary track changes (Timur)
       + rather accept deletion (Miklos)
       + add "Remove All Deleted Comments" (Timur, Cor)
         + placed in the context menu and visible only when TC is on
       => go for it
     * In Draw the Ctrl+M shortcut should create a New Page as in Impress
       + use a different shortcut for new slides in Impress
       + ctrl+alt+M (Stuart, Regina, Cor)
       + ctrl+alt+N would fit the action better (Eyal, Heiko)
       + mnemonic is alt+L/P+N (Stuart)
         + ctrl+shift+M (Stuart) - ctrl+alt+N opens the template manager
       => change the shortcut for new slide/page
     * Print Dialog: list of available paper size is unsorted list (no logic at all)
       and has duplicate A4 paper size
       + alphabetical sorting likely fails the task (Heiko, Eyal)
       + sorting comes from the printer target, see FAX with A0..6 spread across the
         options (Heiko), sorting might be possible anyway
       + U.S. uses Ledger, Tabloid, Legal, Letter with many variants, see
       + if we sort it has to be manually as well to not mix various US and European
         sizes; which would be just another sorting making, => NOB (Heiko)
       + would sort by one dimension and separate the different systems (Eyal)
       + "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" reports duplicates
         -> confirmed, and it would be good to remove those
       => comment on the ticket, needsDevEval
     * Font (family) selection UI elements should allow searching by substring
       + type "Foo" and find all *Foo* fonts rather than Foo* as of today
       + use case "Libre Gothic", "Noto Gothic", "Gothic MS", "My Gotic Font"
       + suggestion applies primarily to the dialog (Eyal)
         + typing into thje font name field would filter the list below
       + sounds like a reasonable enhancement (Cor, Heiko)
       + doing the same for dropdown controls is desirable (Eyal) but means
         to change the behavior completely since currently we just autocomplete
         and have to filter otherwise; remember other tickets that suggest
         this (Heiko)
       => do it