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    Present: John, Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Stuart, Eyal, Rafael, Roman
     * GALLERY: Option to add files to a "Favourites" theme in gallery
       + current workflow is to create a special category "Favorites"
         and copy the interesting items into it (Regina)
       + Gallery management is clunky and Favorites is widely used (Cor, John)
       + having another route to Gallery items would be orthogonal to the existing
         path and confusing (Heiko)
       + adding the Favorite tagging mechanism wont block improvements to the
         Gallery (Cor)
       + could be shown in the list likewise the categories but on top and separated
         with a ruler; creating a category with the same name would end up in
         "Favorite 1"; renaming and deletion needs to be blocked (Heiko)
       => comment
     * Size submenu of table selection context menu not clear enough
       + command labels usually start with an action like "Insert *" (Eyal)
       + "Optimize Size" (Rafael)
       + "Height and Width" (Cor)
       + just "Size" is reasonable (John, Cor)
       + "Resize Row/Column" (Eyal)
         + works but is lengthy
         + just "Resize" (John)
         + hard to translate in German, Dutch.. (Heiko)
       => better stick with the existing term, WF
     * Consider adding "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" buttons under effects list
       + Move To Top/Button a not a requirement (Stuart)
       + tend to agree with WF but if the commands "move up/down" (as existing)
         and "to top/bottom" (as requested) could be added to the
         context menu (Heiko)
       + seldom use case, cluttering the UI, dragging is possible (Cor)
       + planning to change the UI anyway (Effects go into an expander) (Heiko)
       + competitor don't have it either, so prolly no big need (John)
       => WF
     * Need mechanism for re-centering "Slides pane" onto current slide with
       edit focus
       + statusbar shows the number of the current slide and the sorter has a clear
         indicator but not when the focus changes eg after clicking the white space
         at the slide sorter
       + UNO action to scroll the pane would be very helpful (Stuart)
       + sounds like feature creep to me and extends the UNO API unnecessarily;
         having a "toolbar" (some button next to close) would be acceptable but
         ideally a more natural interaction like automatically refocus when
         items are edited, which is the fact today (Heiko)
       + alternatively we could just avoid loosing the focus; ie. no white space
         in the slide sorter (Heiko)
       + always show the currently active slide at the status bar (John)
       => recommend to modify the ticket goal
     * New Paste Special Operations: Maximum, Minimum
       + afraid of a bottomless pit (Rafael), no use case (Roman)
       + plenty of space, do it (Eyal)
       + in case we have even more options it could go into a dropdown (Rafael)
         + strongly disagree; we should keep it as simple as needed (Heiko)
       + use case: Tracking a set of measurements where there is no need to keep the
         history of measurements, only the last value and the "best" value to date
       + don't get the use case, but seems to be completely different to what
         we have (Cor)
       + seems to be very advanced; too niche = WF (John)
       => recommend to realize per extension