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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: André, Dieter, Eyal
     * Writer: Caption strings should be set to document language instead
       of UI language
       + use translation from PS for variable names requested on ask.libo (André)
       + not much of a problem, users can change category names manually (Dieter)
       + unclear set-up of document / UI language (Eyal)
       => keep the ticket with low priority for reference
     * ENHANCEMENT: Collapse or hide toggle for individual effect details
       in animation sidebar
       + change the layout and/or workflow of the animations deck?
       + no further opinion, happy to change the layout slightly again (Heiko)
       => do it
     * Add ability to toggle a reader / reading view (mode) in Writer
       + introduce a special reading mode or improve the web view mode
         with muted colors
       + suggest to realize this view mode / color settings combination
         per extension (Heiko)
       => move topic respectively