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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Rainer, Cor, Regina, Telesto
     * Having "Enable word completion" and "Collect words" options separated
       doesn't make sense to me
       + collect words without enabling word completion?
       + use collected words without collecting new (Cor)
       + and collect without word completion? (Heiko)
       => better keep it
     * There are no "Deletions in margin" and "Insertions in margin" items
       in some Edit-Track changes submenu
       + menu access to show TC on/off plus inline vs. margin?
       + replacing the simple show by a choice of four options sounds wrong (Heiko)
       => better keep it simple
     * Better UX to insert and manage playing an audio stream/soundtrack
       in background for entire ODF presentation
       + slide transition sounds is played until it ends which allows to
         use this feature as background music (Rainer)
       + the access is clunky and hard to figure out, however (Stuart)
         + effect must be finalized before applying the sound
         + must not be "Applied to all slides".
         + can only be applied to the first slide of a sequence
         + looping needs very precise timing
         + audio file is not embedded into the ODF presentation
       + what other features are needed?
         + showing in an automatic presentation until when exactly the music is
           playing having a use case in mind where photos are shown in a loop
         + driving the slide progress per audio with the idea to record a
       => introduce an extra dialog/interaction, allow to stop and loop playback
     * Better distinguish shape text from shape name
       + need to change the naming scheme "<type> '<name>': <text>"
         or do some larger modification
       + don't see a problems here (Regina)
       + better distinguish shape text from shape name (Telesto)
       + replacing the type name with an icon or a thumbnail clutter the dialog
         too much; showing the information in multiple lines or in a tabular view
         might solve this problem - which is not relevant for many - and introduce
         other issues
       => better not change the view
     * Toolbar button for enclosing text in () brackets
       + UNO command vs. autocorrect function or realize per extension
       + if possible, add as autocorrect function
         + put selected text into brackets with (), [], and {}
         + insert single character if nothing is selected
         + might be confusing that overwriting is not possible and should
           be off by default therefore
       => do it