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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Rafael, Stuart, Timur
     * Suggestion for a new feature - setting the default border line width
       + suggest to remember the last used value (Rafael, Cor)
       + one default for all controls (eg. cell / page style in calc, tables
         in Writer, shapes...) or individually?
         + makes no sense to have the same setting everywhere so best we remember
           it individually (Cor)
       => do it
     * Make the Erase command accessible via the toolbar
       + add .uno:Delete as standard command to context menus
       + a) resolve WF since LibreOffice requires a keyboard
       + b) let users customize the command (also WF) (Stuart)
       + c) to add the function everywhere
       + d) just add it to one/a few specific context menu
       + afraid to open pandora's box (Cor)
       => resolve WF because of customization
     * Enter group: functionality to add an existing shape to a group is missing
       + Jim submitted a first patch
         + amazing work, nothing to add
       => go for it
     * Allow regular deletion of selection containing an entire
       generated index/table
       + at creation time and later it is possible to unset the protection flag
       + the context menu provides delete
       => not deleting protected content is a safety measure and
       should be kept -> WF/NAB
     * Rename Enable very large spreadsheets (16m rows, 16384 cols) option
       to shorter and more correct
       + simply go with "Enable large spreadsheets" and show details in
         a tooltip (Heiko)
       + we have enough space, why bother; and the additional info might
         be of value for some users (Cor, Timur)
       => WF/NAB