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    Present: Eyal, Cor, Bogdan, Shegs, Heiko
    Comments: many
     * Navigator: State of outline headings is lost when navigator is
       closed then reopened
       + not worth the effort (Heiko)
       + would expect the state to remain on collapse/expand (Eyal, Cor)
       + perhaps not so difficult (Eyal)
       => remember across the session; needsDevAdvice
     * Tab key should ignore indent
       + respect the usual tab stop like indent on first line = 5cm
         should not make the tab jump to 5cm (Eyal)
       + tab seems to "simulate" indentation and dilutes the workflow (Eyal)
       + if the tab stop is defined with, for example 1cm, the tab moves
         to exact this position (Heiko)
         + tab stop larger than the indent end at the indent
       + abstain (Cor, Eyal)
       + tab to indent for zero tabs sounds like a convenience feature (Heiko)
       => resolve NAB/WF; perhaps worth to add a note to the documentation
     * Support changing the default sequencing of multiple animations
       + multi-selection is effective and easy to understand, against this (Heiko)
       + suggest to have it as an option (Eyal)
       + can follow the idea (Cor)
       + just remember the last used value? (Heiko)
         + in line with other workflows (Cor)
         + would be satisfactory; and should not revert by some circumstances (Eyal)
       => go for it
     * Add a protection-against-deletion checkbox to table/index generation dialog
       + same request as last week (change the default) and WF for me (Cor)
       + another checkbox does not hurt usability, but not convinced (Cor)
       + workflow is pointless, rare scenario (Heiko)
       + not so rare, convenient, and regenerating is simple (Eyal)
       + It seems illogical for automatically-generated tables to be better 
         protected against deletion (by selection) than manually-generated tables,
          which can't be easily recreated (Eyal)
       + Navigator makes deletion very easy too, still WF/NAB (Heiko)
       => close this bug as WF, open the previous and comment there
       + maybe a good idea to check MSO
     * TOC for chapter should start at current level+1, not current level
       + start the chapter-ToC on flexible level/outline
       + nice to have it based on outline levels (Bogdan)
       + unclear use case for both level and outline position (Heiko)
       => will summarize the comments