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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Rafael, Timur, Maxim, Eike, Mike, Dieter
     * Impress: Table design icon without function
       + issue will be obsolete if bug 101802 is done (consolidating
         table style across modules) (Rafael)
       + no alternative to access table styles if sidebar is not open (Timur)
       + sidebar does not toggle and table style has no own deck, which
         is a requirement to make this function work (Maxim)
       + make the command list TS management functions (Heiko) wont work
         for all modules as it was implemented for sd/ only (Maxim)
       => hide the command at the toolbar, keep it at the notebookbar since
         this usually runs with closed sidebar; create ticket for extra deck,
         if not exist
     * Can't change table row height without selecting the row
       + no option to enter a precise value at all
       + would expect to get it via spacing before/after and minimum
         height but this doesn't work at all; and spacing between
         only adds on top (Heiko)
       + not really needed in the sd/ context
       => keep ticket with low priority
     * Consider removing Attribute Blinking in Find and Replace dialog
       + UI access needed for legacy documents (Eike)
       + remove and show an infobar top turn it off (Mike)
       => reopen and follow Mike's idea
     * CHAPTER NUMBERING DIALOG: Add additional option in numbering sublevels
       + use fields and/or manual input for the extra mile (Heiko)
       + introduce a checkbox "[ ] Apply numbers of this level to shown
         sublevels" (Mike, Dieter)
       => do it
     * Tools>Options>LibreOffice Writer>Table dialog, "Variable" setting
       does not work when resizing cells with keyboard shortcut
       + cannot follow the issue, options work well (Heiko)
       + Label is not clear, better "Behavior of row/columns via shortcut
       + Documentation needs improvement too
       => do it