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    Present: Cor, Eyal, Rayhan, Heiko
    Comments: Stuart
     * Width property does not work in right-sidebar via "Position and Size" panel
       + change line "width" to thickness or stroke weight, and keep
         width/height (Stuart)
         + should be done in both sidebar and dialog
       + "Position and Size of Bounding Box/Area" (Heiko)
         + too long (Cor)
       => follow Stuart's proposal
     * Settings on the image frame style lost when caption is applied
       + "Graphic" is anchored To Paragraph, "Frame" As Character
       + anchoring is not part of the frame style
       + anchor it "to character" by default to comply with the latest
         effort in anchoring (Heiko)
       + in fact the graphic is anchored "to character" but the "Graphic" style
         is using To Paragraph
       + actual problem is that there is no space between image
         and caption (Eyal)
       + applying the distance below an image, is nice if there is a reasonable
         small distance set, say 0.5 cm. Then applying that spacing for a caption is
         wonderful :) (Cor)
       + But if you have a distance of say 2 cm set, you definitely do not want that
         applied to the distance of the caption ;) (Cor)
       + ideally we drop the direct formatting and trust in the frame styles
       => needsDevEval
     * Show "more options" symbol also in the tabs
       + add a "more" button to tabs on cost at balanced appearance?
       + MUFFIN is not a ribbon, customizability is limited (Stuart, Heiko)
       + we have plenty of UI alternatives (Cor)
       + Tabbed should be similar to Windows (Eyal)
       + requires changing the notebookbar so the options group in relation to
         the dialogs (Cor, Heiko)
       => keep open
     * Lines added to bullet list are not animated
       + user expectation is that adding elements take the "group animation" (Cor)
       + animating additional inserted paragraphs in the object is useful in typical
         scenarios, but - are we sure it is always the desired behavior? (Eyal)
       + but it's easier to remove an animation than adding it, if possible
         at all (Heiko)
       + might be a duplicate (Cor)
       + Note that if one adds a paragraph between other paragraphs, it "gains"
         an animation effect, but the last animated paragraph loses its animation,
         so that the behavior here is not even consistent (Cor)
       + Suggest that it be made either a blocker or blocked-by the more general
         bug about reworking the animations of paragraphs in an object,
         if one exists (Eyal)
       => needs some kind of fix, needsDevAdvice
     * Provide a visual clue when a table is a DDE link to Calc
       + should be visualized like a field and receive some feedback dialog (Heiko)
       => needsDevAdvice